Snake versus Snake is classic gaming at its best.

Step up to the challenge... 80s style entertainment on the iPhone. This is a classic Snake game with a twist. Back then it was easy: one snake, one prey. This time a worthy opponent will put your skills to the test.

Escaped from DARPA labs, an artificially intelligent black robot snake is hungry. Stop him before he consumes the entire field. Match his wits, block him off, and beat him in the race to the food.

World-wide bragging rights are yours if you rank top 5 in the world. The top scores are registered on the online leaderboard.

This game is includes:

- Exciting gameplay to the timeless tune of Beethoven's Fifth Symphony
- Minimalistic and striking visual style
- Fluid animations
- Timeless musical masterpiece in an original arrangement
- Suspend and resume gameplay to cope with interruptions
- Online leaderboard, world wide top 5 visible in-game once you score 10 or higher

Instructions for gamers:
Control the white snake by swiping.
Do not collide with your body, or with the opponent's body.
Beat the black snake to the food.
Eating black food earns 1 point.
Eating white food earns 2 points.
Try to eliminate the black snake by cornering it.
The per-phone high score can be reset by double tapping it.

Snake vs Snake is a game by Bram Stolk and Goran Aleksic.
Music is arranged and performed by Chris Larson / the carport orchestra.

Get the LITE version at itunes. Game play footage is available at youtube. Sales statistics are available at mobclix. Also available: download statistics for the LITE version.